About Karl Hagen

Karl Hagen

I am an independent educational consultant who is concerned with helping students through the whole college admissions process. Although I do take on a limited number of individual clients, most of my work is with companies, helping them improve their curriculum and teaching processes.

Before striking out on my own, I ran the curriculum development department for one test-preparation company, and the entire education department for a second.

I'm also a recovering medievalist. (My graduate studies were in medieval literature and language.) Until 2005, I taught at a Catholic college in Los Angeles. As part of my former teaching duties, I was responsible for teaching introductory linguistics to future teachers, and that experience made me very interested in what is taught under the rubric of "grammar" in K-12 classrooms. This background, combined with my paying work, explains why I spend so much time thinking about the intersection between authentic academic skills and standardized testing.

Please note that I do not host any advertising on this site. Requests to promote your product or service will be ignored. If you have interesting content on your site that is within the scope of my interests, I'll be happy to check it out, and perhaps respond publicly if I find it interesting. But I won't shill for you.