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If you want to send me an e-mail, use this form. To protect myself against spammers, I'm afraid that you will have to solve a challenge. Just follow the instructions below. Choose the category of your email carefully. Some of these choices send the message to /dev/null (that is, I'll never see it). If you're a human, it should be obvious which ones do so. Hint: don't leave it on the default setting.

The "Consulting Inquiry" category is for those who are interested in my consulting services. Currently, I'm not accepting new individual clients. If you represent an education company that is looking to improve the quality of its curriculum or teacher training process, I'm happy to talk with you about what services I can offer.

Note that if you use this form to try to get me to buy something from you, you will be ignored or blocked, depending on how spammy your pitch is. I also ignore requests to promote products or services on other websites.