Simple Sentences

1. “The king of shadows loves a shining mark.”

Diagram 13

A simple sentence—transitive, See defs. 28 and 29.
Principal parts. King—Subject, 21.
Loves—Predicate, 22.
Mark—Object, 23.
The } Adjuncts of king,
Of shadows
A } Adjuncts of mark,

fist Let the construction of this sentence be written on the black-board.

Other Examples applicable to the same Diagram.

2. The science of Geology illustrates many astonishing facts.

fist Let the Analysis of this sentence be written on the black-board.

Words. Use. Class. Def.
The, limits “science.” Adj., 9.
Science, agent of the action expressed by “illustrates.” Noun, 7.
Of, expresses a relation of “science” and “geology.” Prep., 12.
Geology, object of the relation expressed by “of” Noun, 7.
Illustrates, expresses the action performed by “science.” Verb, 10.
Many, limits “facts.” Adj., 9.
Astonishing, qualifies “facts.” Adj., 9.
Facts, object of the action expressed by “illustrates.” Noun, 7.
  1. A love for study secures our intellectual improvement.
  2. The habit of intemperance produces much lasting misery.
  3. A desire for improvement should possess all our hearts.
  4. The use of tobacco degrades many good men.
  5. A house on fire presents a melancholy spectacle.
  6. A man of refinement will adopt no disgusting habit.

fist Let each pupil make a sentence adapted to the above diagram.